Mother Water Kefir - Apple & Dill
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Mother Water Kefir - Apple & Dill

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Similar to Kombucha, Water Kefir is a delicious, effervescent, fruit-infused water, full of healthy probiotics that heal the gut, clear the skin and energize the whole body. Live Kefir grains which come from a cactus is the primary ingredient for this fermentation.

Bartender says: Perfect for a Tom Collins, marrying your favourite Gin (London Dry if possible) with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup (sugar dissolved in water 1:1), and topped with the Water Kefir!

Ingredients: Organic Caster Sugar, Gala Apples, Fresh Dill, Water Kefir Grains

Dairy & gluten-free

Keep refrigerated

Consume within 15 days

May contain alcohol (fermentation byproduct)