Mother Toasted Citrus Kvass
Mother Toasted Citrus Kvass
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Mother Toasted Citrus Kvass

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Kvass is an ancient and beloved fermented beverage from Eastern Europe commonly made from bread and flavoured with fruits and herbs. Fermentation helped preserve vitamins-filled fruits for the long, cold winter. Our Kvass is a malty, effervescent, and citrusy soda which is great for spring and summer.

Bartender says: Pairs best with dark spirits and in sours. Kvass imparts rich notes of malt and grains and should be used in moderation (2 oz or less) to not overpower a cocktail.

Ingredients: Mother's Sourdough Bread (Rye, Wheat), Toasted Chamomile Flowers, Thyme, Fresh Orange and Lemon Juice, Dry Citrus Peels, Light Brown Sugar, Water Kefir Starter, Cassia (Cinnamon family)

Dairy-free, contains cinnamon

Keep refrigerated

Consume within 15 days

May contain alcohol (fermentation byproduct)